Dr. Andrew Seltzer travels to Honduras, performs 45 surgeries in 6 days

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. --  25 years of practicing medicine, Dr. Seltzer loves what he does.

"I love taking care of people. People need help, and I love taking care of them," said Seltzer.

He's been performing orthopedic surgery locally for 25 years. 

But this year, he decided to go on a mission. A medical mission to Honduras. 

"I didn't know what to expect, I've never been to Central America," said Seltzer.

And he did not expect, the unexpected..

"A lot of trash, pollution, poverty, very different," said Seltzer.

Escorted by armed guards, Dr. Seltzer and 3 other doctors went right to work. 

He personally performed 45 surgeries in his 6-day stay.

"These people have no medical access, they're poor and needy and you realize after you perform the surgery that you make a positive impact for their entire life," said Seltzer.

The work, the hours, the living conditions. Dr. Seltzer admits he was overwhelmed, but it was worth it.  

"They would come out of surgery, and they would bring tears to your eyes, they would be crying in joy for having us fix their broken parts," said Seltzer.

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