Donald Trump files $5 million lawsuit against comedian Bill Maher

Real estate mogul would donate money to charity

PALM BEACH, Fla. - Donald Trump is demanding payback - $5 million dollars worth - over a political bet he claims he made with comedian Bill Maher.

The lead up for this lawsuit has been playing out on TV for weeks. "You and Trump have some kind of beef going," said Tonight Show Host Jay Leno.

HBO's Maher told Leno that he would pay $5 million to Trump's charity of choice if the real estate mogul could provide a birth certificate showing he is "not the spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan," said Maher. "I will offer $5 million to Donald Trump."

Maher pawned the 'spawn' comment off as a joke, similar to an offer Trump made to President Obama in October for the release of the President's college records.

"A check, immediately for five million dollars," Trump offered up in a YouTube video. On Monday, on live television, Trump may have 'trumped' Maher, announcing he has filed a lawsuit in the state of California after he did, in fact, provide Maher with documents that prove he is not the spawn of a primate. "I'm suing them for five million dollars and I have no idea how that is going to turn out," he told FOX News Channel.

Trump said he would donate to five charities - Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society, Hurricane Sandy Victims, March of Dimes and the Police Athletic League. He said he was 'obligated' to file the lawsuit and that the ball is now in Maher's court.

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