Despite smaller crowds, families say the atmosphere on Peanut Island was festive on the 4th of July

PEANUT ISLAND, Ga. - Celebrating the Fourth of July on Peanut Island is a tradition for many families.

And this year, many on the island said this year it was much tamer.

"It's nice and calm. Not too many knuckleheads. We're having a good time and it's great for the family," Sarah Baker of West Palm Beach said.

Baker is pleased with the alcohol ordinance passed last year.

The law says drinking alcohol without a permit is not allowed on the island.

"It's great because it is not as crazy and crowded. It's nice and quiet and perfect for friends and families," Kim Crespo of Wellington said.

Camping was also a popular option on the island with most of the campsites reserved for the Fourth of July.

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