Aldo Alvarez: Deputy told investigators he tried retreating before shooting unarmed mentally ill man

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - According to a taped interview with investigators, PBSO Deputy Joshua McGehee told them he was in fear for his life and tried retreating before shooting a Royal Palm Beach mentally ill man multiple times in May.

McGehee says his dealings with Aldo Alvarez started as conversation.

"He said are you new to the neighborhood and I said I just moved here in February," McGehee said in the taped interview.

McGehee says Alvarez also asked him if he was a cop, and then became upset, telling McGehee to lower his voice.

"He was very mad and extremely angry...that look in his eye that I am going to kill a person...he was shaking and red," McGehee told investigators.

McGehee says Alvarez punched him and followed him into his garage.

"I ran inside and got my gun and I look up and he is about right here. I step back and at this point I have no place to go. My door is locked. I have my gun out and I say sir I will shoot get off my property. And he says you put that gun away I don't have to get off your property," McGehee said.

McGehee says he repeatedly warned Alvarez and that he feared for his life, so he shot.

"(Investigator) How many times did you discharge your pistol? (McGehee) My entire magazine, sir. So I guess 10? The full compliment? So that would be ten," McGehee said.

After Alvarez collapsed, Deputy McGehee says he used his shirt to stop the bleeding until other units arrived.

He told investigators he was protecting himself and his property.

"I tried running away. I tried retreating. I was in fear for my life. I thought this gentleman was going to kill me," McGehee said.

Investigators say Alvarez was not armed. He is charged with burglary with assault and battery on a law enforcement officer.

A judge put him on house arrest and a mental evaluation has been ordered.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office was not commenting on Tuesday because the case is ongoing.

But Alvarez's attorney Wayne Richter says the deputy's description in the taped interview does not make sense.

"It just seems to me it is hard to believe you were shooting to defend yourself if you empty an entire clip and go and reload...I think he panicked and now they are charging Aldo with a crime to justify what took place," Richter said.

Alvarez has no criminal history. His attorney says his mental evaluation could take months.

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