Satellite images of 'ghost ship' could be Nina, boat of missing South Florida sailor

Boat, crew went missing off coast of New Zealand

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- -  New satellite images of what appears to be a "ghost ship" off the coast of New Zealand is giving the family of a missing West Palm Beach sailor hope that he could still be alive several months after disappearing.

David Dyche and his crew aboard the Nina went missing after sailing from New Zealand to Australia in late May 2013.

The crew disappeared without trace.

Months later, a grainy image taken from space could shed new light on where the crew is and what happened.

"It kind of gives me a little hope where all my hope was gone," said Caryl Dyche, the mother of David Dyche.

Dyche has patiently waited at her home in West Palm Beach for any answers as to what happened to the Nina.

"I mean just sitting here every day, wondering what happened, it's what's hard to take," said Dyche.

Authorities in New Zealand confirmed they are looking at the images.

The family of the missing insist they need action now and closure.
"If there was some sort of something that we know. Whether he is dead or whether is alive, or what. Just that we'd like to know," said Dyche.

As Carol waits for any information, she is still holding out hope her son is still alive.

"Well, knowing my son, it is possible. He has (come) out of some hairy situations before," said Dyche.

Calls and emails to the New Zealand Coast Guard were not returned.

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