David Dyche: Sailor's mother resigned to son's loss after crews call off search in New Zealand

David Dyche lost at sea after search called off

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - There's no body, but a West Palm Beach mother is certain that her son has been lost at sea.

The search for David Dyche's ship, The Nina, has been called off by authorities in New Zealand.

Caryl Dyche got the final phone call from search crews last night.

"I collapsed in bed. I did what I always do when I'm feeling awful. I clutched my cat, " said Dyche.

This, after a month of hoping from afar.

The crew last texted forecasters in New Zealand for weather updates on June 4.

They were riding into a storm with 26-foot waves on an 85-year-old boat Dyche retrofitted himself.

"They've looked and looked and have had satellites," said Dyche. "Out looking and looking. And all they see is nothing."

Along with three crew members, Dyche's wife and son were sailing on the Nina with an urn, an urn carrying the ashes of Dyche's father, David the First, who was also a sailor.

Son disobeyed father's wishes to have his ashes spread in a lake in Upstate New York.

He wanted daddy aboard for a journey around the world.

"My son learned to love the sea from his father. If they went down, both of them went down, that's where they'd both love to be, " said Dyche.

Dyche last saw her 58-year-old son a few months ago.

She contemplates her future.

"I spent most of my life with those kids," she said.

The last words her son said to her in person still haunt her.

"He said he had a funny feeling his life was making a big change. He said, mom, I think my sailing days are over at the end of this cruise," said Dyche.

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