Chance encounter leads to arrest of a suspected hit and run driver

Auto body shop helps find suspect

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Hundreds of cars come through Schmidt's Auto Body shop every year. So finding the one allegedly involved in the hit and run that put Art Skinner in the hospital may seem impossible.

But last Friday at 11 a.m., Victoria Skinner, Art's wife, walked into Schmidt's asking if they had a damaged 2009 Honda Civic, with a missing passenger side mirror. 

"I read it over and we went outside and there was one that the year and damage matched," said Shaun Kelley.
"What are the odds of having a car hit on the same side, the mirror missing, and paint down the side?"

FHP confirms it is the car suspected in the hit and run.

That same day FHP troopers arrested the suspected owner of the vehicle, 21-year-old Danielle Fawcett.

"We took the tabs off the door and matched it up how it broke off and it fit together," said Kelly.

According to court documents Fawcett admitted to hitting a motorcyclist on Forest Hill Boulevard two weeks earlier and leaving the scene.

Art remains in the trauma unit at Delray Medical Center.

Kelly says if Art's wife had waited one more day they may never have found an answer.

"If she didn't walk in at that time, the parts would've been gone the next day, the car fixed, there would've been no evidence. In another 20 minutes it would've been gone," said Kelly.

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