Connecting and texting your way out of a job prospect

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Does anyone listen anymore? Is social media eroding what is left of social etiquette? Job interview skills?

It sure seems that way. I came across an article today about college graduates texting and talking their way out of job offers. Among other things, I might add. In some cases, they couldn't sit still long enough in an interview with a prospective boss without reaching for the smartphone. Dumb move. A would be employer still wants someone with an attention span longer than 140 characters or the next cell phone ring, and language skills involving more than social media shorthand.

Click here for the full story in USA Today.

It all reminds me of what a noted writer once said. He told college graduates we have more information at our fingertips than any of us possibly could have imagined until the late 20th century. But he noted we are not necessarily any wiser for it. Or quieter and more reflective. He could have been talking about all of us, not just college graduates. It is worth thinking about before that next text message or bolt down the noisy information highway.




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