Sister pulls 2 year old from pool, Mom starts CPR and child starts breathing again

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - West Palm Beach Police and West Palm Beach Fire Rescue crews responded to a drowning call in the 3200 block of Australian Avenue Thursday morning.

According to West Palm Beach police, a 2-year-old was found face down in the family pool. Detectives say the child's sister jumped in the pool and brought her out.

The mother then started CPR because the child was not breathing according to police.

"I am just a nervous wreck and I'm just trying to keep myself together. But I know she is going to be okay," the victim's aunt Tina Walker said.

Police say the child was rushed to St. Mary's Medical Center where she is expected to recover.

"We are very cautious when we are here with the kids. That is why we are just dumbfounded because we are so cautious when we are here," the victim's cousin Nece Wiliams said.

As for Thursday afternoon, family members said the child was doing well at St. Mary's.

NewsChannel 5's Brian Entin contributed to this report.

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