Chapel By The Lake: New changes to West Palm Beach waterfront condo project

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Changes are coming to a controversial condominium project proposed for the West Palm Beach waterfront.

The proposed construction project is at the current site The Chapel By The Lake on South Flagler Drive.

There are two options: One is a 26-story building and the other is a 22-story building. The taller building is thinner than the shorter building.

The design reportedly will now only be one tower and will shrink from 425,000 square feet to 295,000 square feet. 

"I think that there are significant concessions that have been made, and significant improvement in the design and the location of the design on the land," West Palm Beach Mayor Jerry Muoio said during a Wednesday briefing.

The number of units will decrease from 96 to around 70 or 75.

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