Caterina Alf: Local teen figure skater dreams of competing in the Winter Olympics

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - She's only 16 but Caterina Alf has been skating a long time. She's worked with the best of the best.

"I've taken from multiple coaches who are at the Olympics now like Gracie Gold who is one of the favorites to win, her coach I've taken many lessons from the past couple years,"  Alf said.

Caterina has been on the ice since she could walk.

Her first competition happened when she was just 5.

Lori Alf, her mother and owner of Palm Beach Ice Works, remembers her first competition and points out a photo. "This is my favorite picture of Caterina, this is her first skating competition."

Caterina trains hard and has a very busy schedule for a teenager.

"I get up 3 days a week at 3:45, 4 o'clock in the morning to skate before school. And then I skate again after school. Then I have work out and I have ballet and I have yoga and I have running class. It's definitely work but it's definitely a lot of fun," she says.

Although only a junior competitor now, Caterina has big aspirations.

"I think that since the [next] Olympics is still 4 years away for me it could be possible if I really, like worked hard and continued to do it through the beginning of college."

Until then, she will be glued to the TV  to catch all the action.

" Winter Olympics are definitely my favorite Olympics for sure."

She added, "My TV's gonna' be on waiting for the opening ceremonies to start…. I'm following the Olympics on twitter."

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