Boy gets prosthetic arm to play violin

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Third graders at U.B. Kinsey/Palmview Elementary in West Palm Beach look forward to their weekly violin class. But for 9-year-old Keith Neal, it's a bit of a challenge hitting the right notes.
Because he was born without a fully developed left arm, his teacher holds his violin bow to help create music. Keith said, "It's hard to play with one arm."

But Keith will no longer need to depend on his teacher as much. Wednesday Keith received a prosthetic arm to help him perfect his playing.

Keith, surrounded by his friends, started to play a few notes within minutes of putting on the artificial limb.

How do you think having this prosthesis will help you play the violin better? Keith was asked. He said, "Because I think it will help me play a little better in violin class and it can make my music sound good."

Keith's dream of continuing his violin lessons is now a reality because of his teacher and a local business which made the arm.

His teacher Susan Rodberg said, "He's like everybody else. He's going to have to figure out  how much weight to put on the bow and how much to move the bow and what angle the bow goes at. Everyone has to figure that out."

The prosthetic arm was designed by Florida O&P Services.


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