Amelia Smith & Dominic Bonnano: Mother, son accused of growing marijuana, deputies say

SUBURBAN WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A mother and son are accused of growing marijuana in their suburban West Palm Beach home, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Amelia Smith, 63, and Dominic Bonnano, 39, face cultivation of marijuana charges after detectives found over nine marijuana plants in their backyards, says an arrest report.

During an unrelated foot chase through a backyard located at 3750 Oswego Ave., a deputy spotted marijuana plants growing outside.

Investigators returned to the home and asked the homeowners if they could see if they had done any damage to their fence during the foot chase.

Deputies spotted a small marijuana plant in their backyard after they were allowed inside their backyard by Bonnano.

Authorities said Bonnano was cutting a marijuana plant and hiding them in an RV. 

When deputies asked Bonnano what he was doing,  his mother responded, "They are mine.  I grow marijuana," according to the arrest report.

After searching their backyard, deputies found nine marijuana plants that had been harvested and hidden, according to authorities.

Smith told deputies that she and her son grow marijuana because it's cheaper than drinking.


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