Allan, Julio Erazo charged with attacking a victim with machetes

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Two brothers have been arrested and charged with attempted first degree murder in connection with a machete attack.

The attack, according to investigators, stemmed from a family dispute that began in Honduras in 2004 when a 7-year-old girl was killed.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says that Allan Erazo and his brother Julio Erazo were at the La Isla Del Encanto nightclub at 1969 South Military Trail Sunday night.

The Erazo brothers, according to PBSO, saw an individual from the rival family at the nightclub.

The two men along with another individual followed the individual as he left the club and started walking towards his home.

Allan and Julio Erazo, according to deputies, caught up with the person and began to attack the victim with machetes.

The victim told PBSO that his attackers told him they wanted to kill him.

Both Allan and Julio Erazo were arrested and charged with attempted first degree murder.

They are both being held in the Palm Beach County Jail.

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