Alexander Berman and Jacqueline Berman: Friends remember slain students

Students learn at school that friends were killed

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Close friends and fellow musicians will remember Alex and Jackie Berman as accomplished cello and violin players, ready to perform.

"Amazing player, a great kid, always happy and smiling," said one student.

The halls of Dreyfoos School of the Arts filled with sadness as word spread that the brother and sister were gone.

"At first it was just disbelief, going through stages of grief all at once. It's shocking to hear when it's one of your friends, you hear this on the news and don't think it will happen to you," said a friend.

"Everyone was crying, everyone was silent, it was a sad environment," said a student.

Some students went home early, too emotional to stay in class. Two grief counselors were one campus Monday in the media center to help students and staff cope.

"We're close as string majors, we were all in the media center talking about him and that helped. We were trying to ease the grief, it still hurts," said one friend.

The counselors will be available again Tuesday and however long they're needed.

One way students are banding together, they plan to wear white to school Tuesday in memory of Alex and Jackie.

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