South Florida Fair: A few rainy days cause a slight decrease in overall sales

But food sales were up

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - "We've been in the business twenty five years. My father started a sausage stand," said Monnie Gossard, owner of Jalapenos' Mexican Grille.

Monnie and his wife take their mobile Mexican grill to fairs from Ohio and Louisiana to Florida.

Rainy weather or a poor turnout could be devastating for these vendors. For Monnie, the South Florida Fair is the barometer for how his year is going to turn out.

"It gets us going when insurance is due and taxes and everything else we just kind of bank on things like this," said Gossard.

"Our food sales are way up over last year," said Rick Vymlatil, CEO of The South Florida Fair.

"We were doing wonderfully until Wednesday or Thursday it never fails, rain is our enemy," said Vymlatil.

"We've been doing pretty well it's right on track what it always is," said Gossard.

Rain on a weekday could mean an average loss of 100,000 in sales.

"Hopefully we will cut into it a little bit more...and overall the effect won't be too serious," said Vymlatil.

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