1st annual "Solefest": Sneakers from $100 to $3,000

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Would you be willing to pay $700 for a pair of sneakers?

At a new festival in West Palm Beach, that would be considered a bargain.

Shoe aficionados getting their kicks at the Palm Beach County Convention Center this afternoon for the 1st annual 'Solefest'.


Sneaker enthusiasts came together to buy, sell, or trade shoes with other sneaker buyers in the area. Some of these models came with $3,000 price tags.

"You know they created the Lebron court in a celebration; 1500 pairs made worldwide very limited and it's a celebration of Lebron winning his first championship, here in Miami so to me it has a significant meaning," said Anothony Gotti of Boca Raton.

Gotti had purchased shoes that cost $1,000 Saturday afternoon.

Organizers plan to make todays event an annual one and say their next show will be next month in Orlando.

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