Wellington woman held captive in own home tells story of escape

She says she was held captive in her Wellington home for over three years. Her plight ended this summer with her husband's arrest. Now Fouzia, who we are only identifying with her first name, shares her personal story for the first time only with NewsChannel 5's Dan Corcoran.

"I really wished for death," Fouzia said through an Arabic translator.  "I felt so insignificant on this earth, in this life."

Somy Ali helped rescue Fouzia.  She runs the organization No More Tears.

"This is perhaps the most barbaric abuse I have ever heard of," Ali said about Fouzia's three years in captivity.  "What she has experienced is extreme brutality."

In her first interview, Fouzia describes the emotional chains and physical abuse she says she endured at the hands of her own husband.  And she shares what led her to finally break free.  The exclusive interview Tuesday at 11pm only on NewsChannel 5.

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