Crime rate drops in Wellington; burglaries increase

WELLINGTON, Fla. - The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said the overall crime rate in Wellington is down, but there are increases in burglaries.

Now PBSO has started a campaign designed to stop the burglars.

We checked all four cars in Tammy's driveway and they were locked.

It wasn't this way a few years back.

"There was a time where I forgot to lock my car door and someone took my GPS system and I had to replace that," she said.

Her experience turned into an expensive lesson, teaching her to always lock everything no matter where she goes.

"It's a lesson learned because what if you forget to lock your front door or your back door so you have to be careful with those things," Tammy said.

If her experience didn't drive the message home, large construction signs reading, "Please lock your vehicles" will.

There are two illuminating signs on Forest Hill Boulevard in the village.

One is strategically placed near the Olympia gated community.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said car break in's are happening frequently in the area .

"It's easy access because (burglars) live there," Captain Jay Hart of PBSO said. "They're just walking around the neighborhoods. They belong in the neighborhoods and so they're not out of place."

It's not just cars though, homes are being burglarized too.

A new report shows that in 2011, 215 homes were burglarized in Wellington.

That number increased in 2012 to 275 homes.

Capt. Hart says that village residents can help that number decrease.

"If we can get people to lock their doors, turn on their lights at night and set their alarms that would reduce (the number) tremendously," Capt. Hart said.

Tammy said she's going to do just that.

She recommends others to do the same so they don't have an expensive lesson like she did.

"You just don't always think about it, but once it happens to you, you won't forget after that," Tammy added.

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