Wellington Community High School backpack ban: No backpacks, large purses Thursday or Friday

WELLINGTON, Fla.--Backpacks and large purses are banned from Wellington Community High School Thursday and Friday, after a bomb threat was found written on a bathroom wall.

According to our news partners at The Palm Beach Post, the threat was found last week on a wall in a girls' bathroom. The person behind the threat wrote they would "blow up the school" this Friday.

The message had two signatures following it. School administrators say the names belong to students who had recently been the targets of bullying and harassment. Principal Mario Crocetti says he believes the students aren't behind the threat, adding that the threat isn't being treated as a credible danger.

Regardless of that belief, school administrators are beefing up security at the school. Extra school police will be on campus Thursday and Friday. Students are not permitted to bring large bags to prevent any potentially dangerous items from being carried onto school grounds.

Principal Crocetti sent an email to parents Wednesday, saying the school will "continue to investigate the matter" and will follow up on any additional information the school receives. At this time, school officials say they have no leads as to who's behind the written threat.

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