Wellington Christian School facing closure, church receives big offer for selling property

School admits buyer would rezone property

WELLINGTON, Fla. - Facing what they call looming finical struggles, administrators at the Wellington Christian School admitted on Tuesday that there is an offer on the table the sell the property that is too good to turn down.

The development came late Tuesday night as dozens of parents packed inside Wellington Presbyterian Church looking for answer as to why the school was abruptly shutting the doors.

"They're uprooting all of these kids and I think that's totally unfair. They're not worried about the children," said Sean Dunleavy, whose son is a 7th grader at the school.

Listening to administrators for 15 minutes was enough for Dunleavy who then walked outside. He did stay long enough to hear an offer for the 13-acre property was on the table that church leaders do not want to turn away.
"They're selling the children out for money. That's terrible," said Dunleavy.

The Wellington Presbyterian Church, which runs the school, said selling the site would dig them out of a financial hole.

Many parents at the Tuesday meeting were not buying the claim.
"Transparency prevents conspiracies and we have not been as transparent as we should have at times," said Tim Sansbury, the headmaster at Wellington Christian School.

Sansbury said pending congregation approval, the school closing is pretty much a done deal. He said the money is not there to keep it going.

"The offer stands as a firm offer as opposed the uncertainty of enrollment," said Sansbury.

The school administrator would not comment on who made the offer, but Sansbury said it will require rezoning.

Parents like Dunleavy said their mission to save the school has now shifted focus on keeping the kids together at a different school.
"I mean we can try and do whatever but we're not going to come up with the 'almighty' dollar that's going to change this subject. It's not going to change," said Dunleavy.

The church will decide on the sale of the property in a few weeks.

Parents are hoping in that time, someone will deep pockets will step up and save the school.

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