Wellington Christian School closing; teachers, parents and students upset

WELLINGTON, Fla. -  WELLINGTON, Fla. - The carpool line at Wellington Christian School is full of crying moms. The elementary, middle, and high schools are shutting down.

Parents are not only sad -- they're angry.

They say an email from the headmaster Thursday night came with no warning.

"Terrible. Out of the blue.  Nothing.  Just an email to everybody.  It was very upsetting," parent Ali Sweetnam said.

The school costs anywhere from 10 to 12 thousand dollars a year.  And nearly one week ago the school posted fliers trying to raise money to save the high school.

There was even a benefit over the weekend.
"We're very grateful for all the hard work with that. Unfortunately it costs a lot of money to run this school," interim pastor Peter Bartuska said.

Bartuska says any money raised to save the high school will be refunded to parents and those who donated.

Nearly fifty teachers will be out of a job.

"The teachers made the school and my heart is broken for them," parent Gina Anchors said.
Michelle Metzler is the volleyball coach and didn't find out until today.

"To hear the entire school is closing, not just the high school, that is shocking," Metzler said.

Some parents are convinced there is more to the story.

The interim pastor says church leaders are considering selling the property -- but no final decision has been made.

They're working with parents to get students into other schools next year -- and hoping those schools will also hire the teachers.

According to the email the headmaster sent to parents,The Kings Academy will do its best to accept students from Wellington Christian.


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