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Super television deals this week for Super Bowl

Right now is best time to buy new TV
Posted: 8:16 PM, Jan 31, 2018
Updated: 2018-02-01 10:58:19Z

Super Bowl LII is expected to be the biggest football game of the year.

There’s all the hype surrounding the the teams — Patriots versus the Eagles — plus those commercials.

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And there could be something else for you: Sweet television deals.

We often think of Black Friday and the days before Christmas for good shopping deals, but the lead up to the Super Bowl is actually the best time to buy one the higher end big-screen TVs. You know, the perfect way to watch the big game.

Depending on where you shop, you can save up to a thousand dollars or more on a TV right now.

“It’s the the biggest thing on television so if there’s one thing you need a tv for -- it’s to watch this game," said Ricky Ramos, general manager at the Best Buy store in Wellington.

He says sales have been going up for big screen televisions at his store as we approach the Super Bowl game on Sunday.

“It’s been a really busy time for us coming right out of the holidays and into the Super Bowl season," he said.

Ramos said technology is always evolving in the world of big screen TVs. 4K televisions are the biggest thing right now.

“It’s also known as Ultra HD and what that basically is, it's four times the resolution of your standard high definition television," said Ramos.

The Winter Olympics will be broadcast in 4K and streaming services like Netflix, iTunes and Amazon Prime Video are constantly adding more 4K content to their libraries.

Another new way to watch the game is by getting a television that is considered 'high dynamic range', including OLED or QLED.

“When you were a kid and maybe you colored with an eight box of crayons. Well it’s going from an eight box to a 24 or 96. It opens up that many more colors for the TV to be as vibrant as possible," he said.

LED TVs will generally be cheaper than OLED TVs, but OLED screens generally perform better for fast moving content like sports.

We caught up with some customers buying new tech just for the Super Bowl.

“Everybody’s looking to make it as exciting in their living room as they can," said Stu Slavin, who was searching for a sound bar for his living room.

Shopper Matt Ploof works on a yacht and found a OLED TV to install onto the boat for a watch party. He says that's a better option than paying for Super Bowl tickets.

“The Super Bowl is kind of the holy grail, cream of the crop of the games," he said.

And depending on where you buy, make sure to check the return policy. Some stores have a strict return policy to prevent consumers from taking advantage of the deal and then returning the television after the game.

“That’s funny, we get that question but it’s not actually common," said Ramos. "We don’t see that happen too often. What I think happens is people get the tv, and then they fall in love with it.”  

Right now, price ranges on HD televisions start around $200 or $300 all the up to $2,500 or more for the best models.

Best Buy is offering 30 percent to 50 percent off select televisions.

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