School bus driver texting and driving? Parent says she saw it and has photographic proof

School district will investigate

WELLINGTON, Fla. - A Wellington mother and daughter say they caught a school bus driver texting and driving on Southern Boulevard near Forest Hill.

"I remember getting so mad that I had my daughter take pictures of it," mother Deana Courtney said.

Courtney says she saw the bus driver texting Wednesday.

"That is precious cargo. No one wants to get a phone call that their kids were in an accident and injured because they were texting and driving," Courtney said.

It is unclear if what the driver is holding in the picture is a cell phone, but Courtney says she is sure.

"You are a bus driver and you are responsible for all these lives. It is a very careless thing to do," Courtney's mother Antoinette Urbelis said. She worked on a school bus for years as a bus aide.

Owen Torres, a spokesman for the Palm Beach County School District, released this statement:

"The District appreciates the public bringing this to our attention. Per State law and district policy, bus drivers are not to text and/or use any mobile devices while driving a school bus.  The District will investigate this and if proven true necessary disciplinary actions will be to taken."

Courtney says she couldn't tell whether or not there were children on the bus because the windows were tinted.

According to Torres, the consequence for violating the policy is automatic discipline.

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