Roxanne Stein update: WPTV morning anchor returns two months after horseback riding injury

WELLINGTON, Fla. - Roxanne Stein has been a part of WPTV's Today on Five morning news broadcast for nearly twenty years.

Two months ago she took a nasty fall during an equestrian competition in Wellington. Roxanne says she and her 19 year old horse, Bamboo, had already won their first competition and were about to go over a jump  when something went wrong.

"I remember him taking off and hearing him hit the rail," said Roxanne.  She remembers thinking, "Oh my goodness, I'm going down."
Roxanne and Bamboo fell." He got right up and was looking at me like, Mom I'm so sorry. He was fine."

But Roxanne was hurt. "It ended up being two main bones in the arm, not the wrist."

Pulverized is how Roxanne's surgeon described her break.

Her x-ray shows the metal plate and numerous screws that were used to put her arm back together.

The recovery time would be lengthy and would involve months of physical therapy.

Roxanne says, " It takes a long time for the bones to re grow, regenerate, there is pain and swelling. That's why it's taking so long."

But she was lucky and knows it and is keeping the ordeal in perspective.

"In the overall scheme of life, not being able to ride a horse is nothing compared to what people are going through. But I do miss riding, incredibly. I'd jump on him right now and let Rosemary lead him if somebody would let me, I would!"

With weeks of physical therapy to go, Roxanne is waiting patiently but vows to ride Bamboo again.

Roxanne returns to the air on Thursday, Feb 21, 2013.

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