ONLY ON 5: Complaint about 'overcrowded' Palm Beach County school bus

Family claims video shows safety issue

WELLINGTON, Fla. - A Wellington mother is filing a complaint with the Palm Beach County School District for help because, she says, her child's school bus is too crowded and therefore dangerous.

District officials said they were not aware of any bus overcrowding, but the mother and son say they have the video to prove that there is a safer way to get to school.

Cell phone video taken by the Suncoast High School student on Monday shows what he says is a bus packed with riders. The teenager, who wishes not to be identified, says there were three or more kids in each seat.

"God forbid there is an accident," said the teen's mother, who also opted to conceal her identity. "It's like a nightmare ready to happen."

The student also snapped photographs showing students sitting on others' laps - or even just right in the aisle. "It's a big problem," said the mother. "There are sometimes up to four kids to a seat," she said.

The woman said the she filed a formal complaint with the transportation department of the school district. She said it was not the first time she was compelled to do this - for the exact same issue. "Two years ago, I also called transportation to see what they could do," she said.

After inquiries from NewsChannel 5, a district official said a staff member will be riding the route R012 but to Suncoast High School on Tuesday to address any problems.

"I don't expect perfection but I expect my kids to get to school safely," said the mother.

The school district was not able to comment on any specific complaint. The staffer from the district was expected on board the bus in question on Tuesday.


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