Olympic hopeful scores big over weekend at Texas competition

WELLINGTON, Fla. - Mikayla Hotaling spends six days a week practicing gymnastics.

"We did beam and bars and worked on our basics to work on our highest skills," said Hotaling.

And the 11-year-old admits, there are day's she'd rather be doing something else.

Sometimes i just want to stay home but I know its only going to get me better and that's what makes me a better gymnast when the bad days are here. But the Wellington resident is driven by one goal.

"I want to go to the Olympics," said Hotaling.

Mikayla, along with 4 of her teammates, traveled to Texas last weekend to compete in a national competition. She and two others qualified for the next round of competition later this month.

"I love these girls, they're like my own kids sometimes," said Christina Collazo.

Coach Christina Collazo says they're showing the drive that's needed to be winners.

"These girls never miss, they're not ever late, they never miss practice even if they're sick they're here and they're very perfectionists too," said Collazo.

It's still a long time to the 2020 Olympics, but Mikayla is hoping her dream will come true.

'I come here everyday at the gym and work really hard and it usually pays off," said Hotaling.

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