Mixed reviews on background checks for all gun sales

WELLINGTON, Fla. - The organizer of the gun show that's scheduled to the South Florida Fairgrounds in February said there is no "gun show loophole" at their show.

He said they've always done background checks and because of it, dealers and stores normally are the only ones who sell guns at the shows.

Private online sellers worry about the possibility of universal background checks.

John Destefano just posted one of more than a thousand guns you'll see on FloridaGunTrader.com.

"That's the way I have sold guns before and that's the way I have bought guns before," Destefano said. "I think it's the easiest way for a private citizen to not get ripped off from a pawn shop or some place like that."

Right now, Destefano doesn't give a background check to whoever he sells guns to.

The president's proposed legislation would change that and create an extra cost to do business.

"I think it wouldn't even be feasible for an everyday private citizen to do it anymore because it just wouldn't be economically worth it for them," Destefano said.

He supports it happening at gun shows because dealers can cover the cost.

Other gun sellers who wouldn't speak on camera supported universal background checks.

In e-mails they said it would be a good preventative measure to keep guns out of the wrong hands.

As a buyer on FloridaGunTrader.com, Destefano worries that private sellers will include the cost of a background check.

He said that would make the cost go up on buying a gun.

"It would be devastating for people who legally purchase firearms," Destefano said.

It would make it harder to buy and sell guns, online he said.

Destefano worries it would potentially hurt the popular web site too.

"I really hope it doesn't effect them because i think they provide a good service at little to no cost to the end user," Destefano said.

FloridaGunTrader.com didn't return NewsChannel 5's e-mail for comment.


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