John Goodman retrial update: Will Goodman jury stay in Palm Beach Co?

Could John Goodman's DUI manslaughter retrial be moved outside of Palm Beach County?

Goodman's attorneys have requested that potential jurors should be asked individually about whether they know about his case and first conviction and sentence and, if so, be disqualified. 

They are arguing that, "Where a perspective juror has been exposed to highly prejudicial media coverage involving potentially inadmissible information, that juror should be struck for cause even if he or she insists that he or she can be fair and impartial."

The state attorney's office says that may impact finding a jury in Palm Beach County.

In its response the state wrote, "If the Court is inclined to grant the request to strike for cause any juror who is merely exposed to potentially inadmissible evidence, regardless of their ability to set that exposure aside, then it is the State's belief that it may impact the practicality of maintaining venue in Palm Beach County, or other like media markets exposed to this media saturation.

Prosecutors have asked the judge to schedule a hearing immediately on the issue.

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