Could State Road 7 extension reach Northlake Boulevard?

WELLINGTON, Fla. - Sal Faso enjoys the calmness of the water and bird watching at the nature preserve on Northlake Boulevard. But Sal isn't happy with what could be happening outside the preserve-- possible construction of a State Road 7 extension to Northlake Boulevard.

A year and a half after voicing their disapproval, residents like Sal are still waiting to find out if F-DOT and other agencies will have the project approved.

Sal said, "We haven't lost one ounce of conviction. We started back 15 years ago, talking about this road. We met with people from F-DOT and people surrounding communities, and many communities are opposed to it."

But the Indian Trail Improvement District in The Acreage wants to see the project completed to Northlake Boulevard. This is one of the first phases to accomplishing that goal. Building a road on the State Road 7 extension from Persimmon North to 60th Street.

Jim Shallman with the District said, "Absolutely. With developments coming up now, and the way the traffic flows and the volume now in The Acreage, we have some serious issues."

F-DOT issued this statement "The Florida Department of Transportation has been coordinating with the state/federal permitting agencies on minimizing the project footprint and impacts. This coordination effort and the Project Development and Environment Study is still on-going."



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