Blind volunteer helps rescued dogs at Big Dog Ranch Rescue

WELLINGTON, Fla. - Normally you would see a dog helping the vision-impaired person, but Linda Zuckerman, a blind woman, has turned the tables, and devoting her time, and love to caring for rescue dogs.

Cathy-Alice Koyanagi is Linda's mentor at the Lighthouse for the Blind. She say when people ask her about a blind lady volunteering, they say "Excuse me? A blind person is working at the big dog rescue? How can that be?" 

And when I tell them, they sit back and say, "I can do something too. Wow, that's power."

The power to move on after she lost her sight just two years ago. Linda Zuckerman didn't let that stop her from helping others.  

When her friend and mentor Cathy-Alice suggested volunteering with dogs, she was all-in, despite the difficulties.

Karen Koenig of the Big Dog Ranch Rescue is glad she helping out.

"She's been a complete inspiration, They cannot believe she comes in, she's always happy, she always smiles, and they see her doing this work, they see her doing work that they thought a blind person couldn't do and she does it, and she does it beautifully, " said Karen.

When asked if she considers herself a role model or inspiration, Linda quietly says with her head down "Ummm….no…."

But her new friends see it differently.

"She inspires me every time…she's a courageous lady and has shown a lot of dogs a lot of love." Says one of her fellow volunteers at the ranch, Tracy Mason. 

Mason paired up with Zuckerman to help her get around the ranch.

Koenig adds "What Linda has demonstrated by volunteering at big dog ranch rescue is that someone with disabilities, regardless if they are blind, or they have other disabilities…they have something to give."

Linda wants other blind people to know "I would hope that other blind people would know that there is a place for them and that their disability will not stop them from giving and receiving more than just help but therapy for dogs and for yourself."

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