Waiting for aid in New York, New Jersey in wake of Sandy

Locals with ties to northeast sound off

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - They were battered by Hurricane Sandy and now some are feeling bruised by political hardball.

Some local residents with ties to New York and New Jersey are in an uproar over delays in relief aid. Financial help for Sandy's flood victims could soon be on the way. Some people with deep connections to the communities in the storm's path are waiting more patiently for that help than others.

Superstorm Sandy barreled through months ago but in 2013 - and with a new congress in Washington, D.C., - much of the northeast coastline is still in shambles.

"Where my children live was not fine," said Boynton Beach's Steve Bayer, who lived on Long Island for nearly five decades.

His son and grandchildren, who's home was right in the storms path, still have a long journey back to 'normal'.

"He had water 18 inches into his first floor," said Bayer. "The dumpster is still there. The port o-potty on his front lawn, and just the whole neighborhood is that way."

Bayer, a Palm Beach County-based American Red Cross member, was sent to the front lines in his former hometown right after Sandy hit.

Now, there are efforts of a different kind to help flood victims there. The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to consider passing a $9 billion aid package on Friday. Too little and too late said Treasure Coast resident turned Long Islander Beverly Reaume. "It's about time something gets done and these politicians do something and do something now," she said.

Reaume balked at a move Tuesday night by House Speaker John Boehner, allowing the house to adjourn after 'fiscal cliff' talks, but, before taking up a much broader $51 billion aid package for Sandy victims. "You had this problem with Superstorm Sandy before the 'fiscal cliff' was even mentioned," said Reaume.

The plan being considered by the House Friday would send $9 billion in immediate assistance for floor insurance for Sandy victims. The other, broader, $51 billion aid package will be tackled by lawmakers on January 15.

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