South Florida Fair: Weather always a factor in fair attendance

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - The weather is still warm right now,  but like clockwork, Mother Nature knows when the South Florida Fair is coming to town, and everyone knows they can count on her to cool us off.

Our warm streak lasted so long, it's easy to forget it's winter.  Of the 17 days so far in January, only three days were below 80 degrees.

The weather is changing now and people like the Whu family are getting excited about the fair "I like to come to the fair when it's cold out because it's more comfortable, I'm looking forward to it," Emily Whu said.

Over the years, the weather always plays a major role in attendance. Of course, rain is always a big factor, but the temperature is too.

"The extremes are the things that can really hurt attendance. If it's bitter cold or if it's really warm… they'll stay home if it's cold and if it's really hot they want to go to the beach and take advantage of everything South Florida has to offer," said Rick Vymlatil, South Florida Fair CEO and President.

With temperatures expected to be in the 50s at night and 70s during the day to start the fair many feel "that's perfect fair weather."

Whether you like the roller coaster, the big wheel in the sky, or Emily's favorite, the Zipper
you should have fun.

The weather will be comfortably cooler for the more than 500,000 visitors that come to the fair each year.

There is a chance of rain in the forecast. Click here for the latest forecast from the NewsChannel 5 web team.

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