South Florida 5th grader creates Team Aaron iPad Lending Library to help hospitalized children

A South Florida 5th grader, touched by her cousin who was diagnosed with cancer, is raising money to help other hospitalized children.

Sarah Clein started "Team Aaron" after doctors found a tumor on her cousin Aaron Pinsky's spine. Sarah says Aaron was bored when he spent months in the hospital.

To help him communicate through Skype and play games, the family bought him an iPad.

That's when Sarah got the idea to raise money for iPads that other sick children could use while hospitalized.

"When he got his iPad, we took him into our playroom and took him outside and acted like we were running with him, played like with Legos. He had his Legos, we had ours and we acted like we built something," she said.

Sarah will be donating the iPads she has collected for a ‘lending library' at the Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital and St. Mary's Medical Center.

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