School district responds to parents' concerns after five guns are found on campuses in six months

WEST PALM BEACH,  Fla. -- The School District of Palm Beach County said it continues to work to keep guns off of its campuses after five guns -- including one loaded gun -- were found on its campuses since the beginning of the school year.

Some parents raised concerns after they said they reached out to the district and did not have their concerns addressed.

"Because they're not hearing it doesn't mean work is not being done," said Nat Harrington, a chief public information officer at the school district. "A lot of work is being done behind the scenes that is keeping our kids safe."

Harrington said the district could not discuss campus security because it could compromise the work of its police officers.

"We're doing everything we can think of and using all the intelligence we are capable of gathering which is why we're finding these weapons," he said.

He also said parents were part of the solution.

"What they have in their bedrooms. What they have in their pockets when they're going to school. We need parents to monitor this relationship closely because they are a part of the answer," he said.

Earlier this week, two teenagers were arrested at Polo Park Middle School in Wellington after authorities discovered an unloaded gun.

The next day -- NewsChannel 5 was sent a disturbing photograph -- claiming to be of one of the teenagers.

Earlier this month, a teenager was arrested at Palm Beach Lakes High School after the school district said he brought a loaded gun onto campus.

In each case, Harrington said, the guns were discovered because a student saw or heard something and reported it to the school.

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