Local families celebrate rare holiday, Thanksgivukkah

Stefanie Raifman always looks forward to Thanksgiving dinner.
"I love the turkey when I bake it, and the stuffing. I love all Thanksgiving food," said Raifman.
But this year, she plans to add a little bit more to the dinner table.
That's because for the first time since 1888, the first full day of Hanukkah will be celebrated on Thanksgiving day. 
"Thanksgivukkah," is what many are calling the rare holiday. And many local Jews, including Raifman, are finding unique ways to celebrate.
"Were just really going to combine everything, we were going back and forth between chicken soup, maybe some mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes," said Raifman. 
So how did it happen? 
Thanksgiving was set into  law in 1942 to be the fourth Thursday of every November. And according to the Jewish calendar, this is a leap year, meaning major Jewish holidays were moved up by nearly a month.
"This is a phenomenon that won't happen in my lifetime, and it's very special,"  said Sharon Shlakman.
So special, that Raifman's mother and sister came from out of town to take part in the festivities.
"It gives you an opportunity to get together with family for a very happy time," said Shlakman.
And for Stefani, Thursday's menu goes beyond the traditional dinner table.
Whatever you want to have on your menu, just start a tradition, you only live once, so why not try it," said Raifman.
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