Glenda Segura: Road Ranger sues alleged drunk driver, Cheetah Gentlemen's Club after crash on I-95

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Tonye Bowens, a Road Ranger injured by an alleged drunk driver shortly after he responded to a traffic accident on Interstate 95 in October, has sued the driver and her employer, blaming Cheetah Gentleman's Club for allowing Glenda Segura, a dancer at the club, to drink while on the job and then driving home, attorney Jason Weisser said Thursday.

"He suffered massive injuries. He was in a coma for two weeks. He spent two months in the hospital. He will never walk the same way he walked prior to this accident," Weisser said.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office arrested Segura after the October 13, 2012 accident.

Segura was charged with DUI.

Weisser said state law protects businesses that sell or serve alcohol from being liable in cases where there are injuries unless one of two conditions is met -- if someone under 21-years-old is served or sold alcohol or if someone is known to have a history of drinking alcohol.

According to a court filing, Segura was alleged to have been "habitually addicted to alcohol."

"She was working about four days a week, and according to the information we have, she would literally get drunk every single time she worked there," Weisser said. "These girls were encouraged to drink on the job. They were encouraged to drink with the customers. There was no oversight and supervision by the club of this woman or any of the other dancers to make sure that they were in any condition to drive home at the end of the night."

Weisser said Bowens continued to recover from his injuries and recently had hip surgery.

Rod Kimbrough, a manager at the gentleman's club, did not comment on the merits of the civil lawsuit.

He said that the club "did not encourage drinking."

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