Tommy Horner, beach attendant, saves lives on Singer Island beach

Lifesaver not in his job description

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - Tommy Horner has been working as a beach attendant at Singer Island for the past 3 years.

"Carry beach equipment all day, clean up the beach, do seaweed, pick up the trash, talk to people all day, just a typical beach boy job, " said Horner.

But that does not include pulling struggling swimmers from the ocean.

"Saving lives is not in my description but i still do it," said Horner.

The latest rescue came Sunday, when a swimmer was caught in a swell.

"I see this guy out on the water, and he's going like this, and then Tommy comes out and saves him, brings him to shore, and gives him CPR," said Claire Tzagouris.

Those who regularly go to that beach, say they've watched Tommy do it before.

"He's also saved 5 other people, which is really big, it may not be big to him, but everybody else sees him as a heroic guy," said Mady Socatus.

The 17-year-old grew up on Singer Island. He starts his mornings surfing and then goes to work putting up umbrellas and tents.

And he ends the day with an evening swim.

"I was in the water during Hurricane Sandy when we had 28 foot swells. I love surfing," said Horner.

Those who vacation on Singer Island have come to know Horner personally.

"He does a great job, and if it was my family member, I would love to have him rescue me," said Michael Toia.

Horner's boss says he's proud of the attendant.

"Our job on the beach is to make people feel comfortable, and enjoy the beach, and Tommy goes above and beyond," said Todd Meacham.

Some call him a hero but Horner says he's just trying to help others.

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