Man in red lingerie leads Riviera Beach police on Interstate 95 chase, runs over officer, cops say

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. -- Riviera Beach police arrested a man Monday after a car chase on Interstate 95 that injured an officer.

The chase began in the 1100 block of West 28th Street in Riviera Beach where police responded to a domestic call.

Riviera police said the man struck an officer that was on foot and then drove north on Interstate 95 where he led police on a chase. The officer was injured.

The chase continued until the man, driving a Toyota Solara, took the Indiantown West exit in Jupiter.

He exited his vehicle and ran into the woods on Indiantown Road near Pratt Whitney Road.

The man, who was wearing red underwear, ran through a swamp area. Police say the suspect was at one point wearing women's lingerie and later found a bra in the back seat of his vehicle.

Police caught up to him and took him into custody at gunpoint.

While police were transporting him, they said the suspect began spitting at officers from the back seat of the squad car. Officers said they were forced to pull over and place a medical mask on the man to stop him from spitting.

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