Palm Beach County Urban league to host youth forum

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - For Palm Beach County urban league CEO Patrick Franklin, the verdict was hard to take.

"Shocked that justice was not shown in this case," said Franklin.

Now he's encouraging parents to talk to their children about the case.

"We have to dialog as adults to help our kids to understand the situations that they may get into," said Franklin.

The Urban League is inviting lawyers to speak to the teenagers at their monthly meeting tomorrow night.

"Our kids are very much aware of it and our job now is to bring awareness, educate them more, and make sure they have as much knowledge in their mind as possible," said Franklin.

That's only his first step. He says he wants the verdict to prompt a dialog throughout the community.

"Lets come back to reality let's go right back to and continue the struggle and continue the fight for equality and justice for all at all times," said Franklin.

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