Mayor Thomas Masters may be ineligible for reelection in Riviera Beach

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla - Mayor Masters may not be eligible to run in next month's election because of a technicality, according to William Giles, Riviera Beach spokesman.

Giles confirmed that Mayor Masters improperly signed a $1,500 check, that was supposed to be signed by his campaign treasurer according to state law.

State law requires the campaign treasurer or deputy campaign treasurer to sign checks unless the candidate appointed themselves as the deputy treasurer or campaign treasurer.

There is a provision under state law that allows for this to happen but, that did not occur in this case. 

According to the City Clerk, there was no indication that Mayor Masters was acting as campaign treasurer or deputy treasurer.

The decision of the mayor's eligibility for reelection is now at the discretion of City Clerk Carrie Ward.

Because of this mistake the state claims Mayor Masters may be ineligible to run in the March 12 election.


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