Chef Lenny cooks meals for hundreds in Riviera Beach

RIVERIA BEACH, Fla. - It may not be the first thing you think of for a holiday meal, but dozens of Riviera Beach residents weren't complaining.

Lenny Strobel, who goes by "Chef Lenny" organized this special meal at the "healthy food- healthy living" food bank in the city Sunday afternoon.

On the menu... Mahi-mahi and red beans and rice.

"Fish is a pehomenal thing and today it is very expensive so this is tremendous how so many people came together and supported with food," said Strobel.

"Its going to help us because we barely have anything and they come and support us in the neighborhood and we would like this to continue on and on," said Freddie Miller.

Chef Lenny said he was inspired to cook today by seeing the number of people who have been coming to the food bank in recent weeks.

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