At least ten arrests made on the water near Peanut Island over holiday weekend

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office marine unit is keeping an extra close eye near Peanut Island after 10 people are arrested Sunday.

Dozens of law enforcement officers were called out following a fight that sent beachgoers to the hospital and resulted in multiple arrests.

Monday, as expected, it was much quieter than Sunday.

The sheriff's office said that one of the people injured in Sunday's fight was in critical condition.

Deputies said the fight broke out on the sandbar area.

The person who is in critical condition was struck with a broken bottle, according to PBSO.

Another victim was injured by shattered glass.

Criminal charges are pending, but this is the type of behavior officials hoped the alcohol ban on the island would prevent.

"We're not out here to make it be a horrible day for anybody to come out," FWC officer Mandy Phillips said. "We still want you to come out. We want you to swim and fish but we want you to do it safely and enjoy the water safely."

FWC has been patrolling the water all weekend.

Phillips said Sunday's fight that left one person in critical condition is rare.

"It's unfortunate people got hurt but it was at least stopped to where it wasn't a mass chaos of people getting hurt," Phillips said.

Last May, the county placed an alcohol ban on the island, making it a misdemeanor for people to drink on the island, but they can still drink on their boats and in the water.

"It hasn't put a complete stop to drinking on board vessels," Phillips said. "It's helped a little bit, but you're always going to have people drinking on board vessels"

Therefore, law enforcement is going to keep being out in full force on holiday weekends.

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