Allie Severino, former drug addict, publishes 'Fresh Start' magazine

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - Growing up was hard for Allie Severino.

"I just always wanted to be where the party was, smoking weed, hanging out with guys, sneaking out of the house," said Severino.

By the time she was 18, Severino said she had been no stranger to jail or life away from the home her dad had told her to leave.

"I was living at a pool, couch hopping, had nowhere to live, had no car, and on my way back to jail. I was doing every drug you could think of and i just couldn't stop," said Severino.

And that's when Severino decided she needed a "fresh start..."

Today she is publisher of the magazine "Fresh Start," which inspires others struggling with drug addiction.

Overcoming her own took all the grit and determination she had.

Severino had help. Hers came at the Drug Abuse Foundation in Delray Beach, where she spent two months. 

Cathy Lowe is the clinical director.

"It's wonderful to see someone who was willing to do the hard work that it takes to follow those suggestions and to think that we were a part of that is very rewarding," said Lowe.

Now 23 -- five years beyond her own fresh start, Severino's magazine by the same name can be found in halfway houses and hospitals.

Inside, readers find articles, poems, and personal testimonies from other recovering addicts. Severino hopes this is only the beginning.
"In 5 or ten years I hope to have this big magazine like People Magazine, but for sober people," said Severino.

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