Park Vista High School closed due to flooding in Palm Beach County

Classes were canceled at Park Vista High School in Palm Beach County Wednesday due to flooding.

The school itself was not flooded, but the surrounding roads were.

There was standing water at Northtree Boulevard and Jog Road and it's part of the reason the school was shut for the day. 

"The decision to close the school today was a collaborative one based on the road flooding in and around the entrances of the school and the parking lots," Public Affairs Specialist Natalia Arenas wrote in an email to NewsChannel 5. Arenas added, "The safety of our students, staff and families is always our top priority."

There was also flooding at a separate entrance to Park Vista.

The district said the school is draining and expected to be open Thursday. 

At Christa Mcauliffe Middle School administrators are on alert after water pooled several inches over the only drain in the back of the campus.

Classes are going on as normal and the portables are dry. The concern is the walkways to the portables.

Administrators blocked off all outdoor walkways to keep students from trudging through water to get to class.

Students have to go through the gym to make it to class in the portables.

"The skies look pretty bad right now, clouds are forming. If it rains again, it'll fill up again and we'll continue doing that route as long as we're able to," said principal Jeff Silverman.

The Palm Beach County School District says there could be delayed dismissals at some Palm Beach County Schools due to the rainy weather. But right now, the district doesn't anticipate any delays that affect the pick up and dismissal of students.

Parents with concerns can contact the transportation call center at 561.242.6565.


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