Palm Tran bus fares on the rise

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. -- The cost to ride Palm Tran is on the rise, starting Monday.

According to Palm Tran, the cost of a one way fare is $2.00. That's fifty cents more than what riders paid prior to Monday.

The cost to rise Palm Tran Connection is also on the rise. It'll now cost riders $3.50 to travel on a Connection bus for a single trip.

Palm Tran also offers a monthly pass for riders. For those customers with an annual income of 75% or less of the Federal Poverty level, the rate will be $15 a month.

For those with an annual income between 76% and 150% of the Federal Poverty level, the cost will be $20 a month.

Pre-approval is required for both of those monthly rates.

Palm Tran is also expanding its services starting October 7.

Route 73 in Boynton Beach will expand west. This expansion will help serve the Caridad Center and Bethesda Hospital West.

To see where the route makes stops, or for more details on the new fare prices, visit the Palm Tran website:


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