Body found after U.S. Coast Guard searches shoreline and finds undocumented migrants

Seven undocumented Haitian migrants have been taken into custody this morning in Palm Beach.

Investigators also found the body of a girl believed to be between 14 and 16. Investigators are working to determine if she was on the boat that brought the others to shore.

The first group of migrants officials found included a man, woman and juvenile.

A few hours after the first group was spotted, Palm Beach police received a tip that there were more migrants farther south on the island. There they found two women, a man and a two-year-old boy hiding in the woods not far from the beach.

"The most probable scenario is that they were smuggled into the Bahamas and then at that point a criminal organization receives payment to smuggle them into the US," said Frank Miller with the US Border Patrol.

Bahamian officials have been contacted to be on the lookout for suspicious vessels returning from the US.

Fire rescue was on scene to check the health of the migrants.

"It's heart wrenching to see that... so just try to reassure them and show a little compassion," said Palm Beach Fire Rescue Lieutenant Don Taylor.

The migrants are being processed by the Border Patrol. Meanwhile, agents and police are keeping an eye out for any other undocumented workers who may have come ashore this morning.


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