Undocumented migrants come ashore on Palm Beach

PALM BEACH, Fla. - James Cohen woke up this morning to this scene. A Coast Guard helicopter in the air and officers on the ground looking for undocumented migrants who came ashore on Palm Beach.

James said, "It really makes us take a step back and think how lucky we are and how people are willing to sacrifice to come over here."

A teen girl's body was found on the beach near where of the undocumented migrants were found. Investigators think a possibility is the teen may have come with the group and drowned trying to reach a better life.

Frank Miller a Border Patrol Agent said, "The most probable scenario is that they were smuggled into the Bahamas and then at that point a criminal organization receives payment to smuggle them into the U.S."

According to Border Patrol, the group came from Haiti. Among the seven found, a two year old boy clutched in a woman's arms. Don Taylor with Palm Beach Fire Rescue, "I was talking to his mom on his behalf, it's heart wrenching."

Authorities believe more people may have come ashore. The search continues.

Meanwhile, residents like James Cohen are shocked. "I just think that when you see things like this, it's important that we remember that these people should not become statistics and that that poor person who lost their life today had a mother and a father."

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