Justin Weiss: Palm Beach family wants a ramp installed to bring disabled boy to beach

Condo association says it's against DEP rules

PALM BEACH, Fla. - At 13 years old, Justin Weiss can't get to the beach from his apartment balcony. He almost drowned at the age of two, and a lack of oxygen to his brain left him severely disabled.

His parents' fight with their condo association for a ramp to be installed has been repeatedly denied. Now they're turning to social media, hoping Justin's story will convince the association to put up a ramp.

"You can see it from here, we're not asking for a rocket ship or a monorail - it's a ramp," said Jeffrey Weiss, Justin's father.

Lawyers for the Sloan's Curve condo association say the state won't allow them to install a ramp. Court documents say the Department of Environmental Protection, or DEP, will not allow changes to the footprint of existing stairs, or altering or destroying the sea grape beds.

Jeffrey feels he is being singled out.

"The bottom line is this little boy can't get to the beach, that's the bottom line, the rest is nonsense," said Weiss.

The family is appealing the DEP decision. A mediation is set to take place next week.

Click here for a link to the family's Facebook page: Help Get Justin To The Beach

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