Diver in serious condition, search on for hit-and-run boater who struck him

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Florida Fish and Wildlife Investigators are looking into an incident about a mile off the coast of Palm Beach near the Breakers that left a freediver in serious condition.

Investigators say Jorge Caba is out of surgery with a gash on his leg and a broken pelvis.

Caba said he is in a lot of pain.

Investigators say a boater ran him over off the coast and took off.

They say Caba had a dive flag and didn't do anything wrong.

"They were completely in the right. They were anchored. They had their dive flag and their divers that were in the water were marked with buoys," Officer Amanda Phillips with FWC said.

Phillips says they are actively looking for the boater.

Experts at Florida Freedivers say boaters need to constantly be on the lookout for dive flags, especially when freedivers are involved.

"When you are freediving, you don't have as much time. You are coming back to the surface because you are out of air. You don't always have time to stop, look, listen, and wait," Jonathan Dickinson with Florida Freedivers said.

Freedivers in the area Caba was hit say they realize there are risks involved, but they say boaters need to be more careful.

"There are a lot of dangers out there, but you can do it safely. There is no way people should be getting hit out here," Freediver David Hartung said.

Officers say when they find the boater he could face changes of hit-and-run and not rendering aid.

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